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I have been a patient of Dr. Guttman for a few years now. I was first recommended to him by my dad. He is very personable, gentle, and is phenomenal at what he does. He used to work in the city of Montebello, but when I called to make a routine check-up, I found out that he had moved to a different location. I was shocked and bummed out when I first found out it was about 40 minutes away vs the usual 15...but, I do only have to go twice a year, right? Shouldn't be so bad...

I definitely was reluctant to change dentists, so the same day I found out the bad news, I made an appointment at the new office in Playa Del Rey. The receptionist was very accommodating with my schedule. She even called to confirm my appointment a couple of days ahead, and when I showed up early for it, they were able to bump up my appointment! How fantastic is that?

The office itself is homey, modern, and the staff is very friendly. The whole process was not long, and on my way back home, I drove on the coast. (which is only a minute away from the office!) Gorgeous view!!! That sure was an added bonus =)

All in all, it was great to see Dr. Guttman move on to a more exceptional dental office.

In the end, I'm happy that I decided to stay loyal to my dentist.

Jaz D., Pico Rivera

I am the epitome of the "dental chicken." Just thinking of the word dentist makes me physically sick to my stomach. I broke a front tooth, so after years of procrastination, I was forced to go to a dentist. I found Dr. Guttman by a stroke of luck. After a few further months of procrastination, I got to know him through e-mail and slowly earned my trust. I went to see him last Saturday to finally have the tooth fix and he put me right at ease with nitrus, local anesthesia, and oral medication. I didn't feel a thing. While, I am still terrified of the dentist, I know that as the months roll on and I have more work done, I will be able to count on Dr. Guttman to calm my nerves and ensure that I never feel anything, if I am even awake at all. His staff is also very friendly and warm. I would recommend Dr. Guttman to anyone! In fact, I am taking some of his business cards to work with me.

Kay S., West Los Angeles

I've had dental problems since I started teething as a toddler! Naturally, since every trip to the dentist ended up with me in tears as a child and young adult I developed a pretty big case of the jitters around going to the dentist - sick to my stomach, shaky, teary - all your classic anxiety symptoms. My fear of the dentist would normally keep me away just long enough to have a relatively small dental issue grow into a pretty severe one. Then I met Dr. Guttman.

I went to Dr. G to have some previous work fixed up and was immediately put at ease. He is calm, honest, and matter-of-fact without being pessimistic or critical. He is very friendly and approachable but still a professional - bringing a very welcoming vibe to the office. The office staff - Paula and Debbie - are amazing. They're what brought me into the office and now Dr. G's attitude and approach actually make me WANT to come back and get all of my dental issues resolved!

I recently had a root canal done by Dr. Guttman and, having had several in the past by other dentists, I have to say I'm completely satisfied by the quality of work - both inside my mouth and through the whole support and follow-through process. In the chair I was at ease before the work even started!

Great office and great staff. I highly recommend!

Amy C., Huntington Beach

Amazing dr and amazing staff. I have had issues for over 6 years and they fixed me all up in a matter of weeks. They made me feel complete again. I have confidence again and that's important in my line of work.

Would recommend for anything. Great staff and really do make dentistry human.

Drew O., Playa Del Rey

Dr. Guttman is new to me, as he took over a Dental practice that I have been going to for almost 20 years. I have been lucky enough to not need much dental work (no cavaties), just cleanings... until now.

I waited a long time between x-rays and cleanings, and ended up needing a root canal and some fillings. So, at almost 50 years old, there I was.... major dental work needed and a new Dentist to boot!
Of course the staff that I've known for years is there- Paula at the front, Debbie skillfully assisting in the back. They are great and everyone there put me at ease.

I have to say, though I didn't know what to expect- Dr. Guttman was great! Very gentle and caring, and explained what he was doing before he did it. That put me at ease, so I would know what to expect. I really like his gentle nature and caring attitude.

I am very happy with the whole proceedure and how well it went. My crown fits great, the fillings look great, and I know that my mouth is in good hands.

Also, I like the little touches, like text and email reminders for appointments. It's a small office , with a friendly relaxed feel, but they sure know what they are doing!

Robyn S., Huntington Beach

Dr. Guttman has proven to me what a skilled professional he is. He is gentle, informative and gives positive realistic expectations. I recommend Dr. Guttman to everyone I know and then some. You will have a very positive experience at his office, his staff is great and the hygienists do wonderful work!

David R., Santa Monica

It was a record day for me seeing a dentist not waiting for years to go by because of my fear. Dr. Guttman knew how to deal with my fear and anxiety and I was calm. I actually went back to get another filling done. My son was shocked knowing I didn't like dentists and had a horrible fear of them and went back to Dr. Guttman after a great first experience. Anyone with anxiety or fear like me for years should go see Dr. Guttman. I actually looked forward to seeing him last Saturday.

Monica G., Los Angeles

I'm one of those people who has anxiety about going to the dentist. I went to Dr. Guttman who is new in the area and I have to say he was terrific. He has a nice low-key personality and a great sense of humor, and made me feel quite at ease. My last dentist was always urging me to have various procedures, and Dr. Guttman really sorted it all through and told me what was necessary and what was not. I will definitely keep seeing him.

Donna C., West Hollywood